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Party with Author Marissa Farrar!! ~Interview & Giveaway~

Hello everyone!!! Today on our blog I have a very special guest!! My fellow Party people, please welcome author Marissa Farrar!! She is a UK-based author who started writing Horror!! I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions and have a prize to giveaway!! Here is what she had to say!!

 First off, for all of our readers! Please tell us a little about yourself Marissa!
Hi Samantha, first of all, thanks so much for hosting me! I’m a British author and I live with my husband and two small daughters. I’ve been writing since I was a child and I was first published back in 2009. However, it’s only been since the start of this year that I’ve been able to work as a full-time author.

I am very happy to have you here!! Alone is a dark Urban fantasy story, the heroine is a victim of Domestic Violence. Was it difficult to write this story, with such a powerful theme/message??
It was difficult. I wanted to get the balance right because I wanted the reader to empathize with Serenity’s situation, not despise her for being too weak to leave. I also realized that the topic pushed the boundaries of your typical vampire romance and I knew there would be people out there who would probably hate the novel because of it. Still, I felt the story needed to be written and I didn’t want to put any gloss on domestic abuse.

Why did you choose a vampire as her “savior”? Any real reason?!?
I’ve always loved vampires, ever since I first read (and then watched) Interview with the Vampire. There is something about their angst that just screams to my inner teenage girl. I started to write ‘Alone’ with a vampire romance in mind. However, I’ve always considered myself to be a horror writer (I’m published in numerous horror anthologies) and my dark side just kept creeping in!

What are 3 words you would use to describe Serenity?
Damaged, empowered and passionate.

The next book after Alone is Buried. What can we expect from it and when will it be released??
‘Buried’ is literally in its final edits now and, should everything go to plan, will be out by the end of October. ‘Buried’ begins four years on from where ‘Alone’ ends. The novel starts with a couple of big twists that I hope will make the reader either gasp in surprise or punch the air (in a good way)! This second novel is definitely closer to my normal genre of horror/paranormal suspense though there is still plenty of romance and passion.

Where do you see your Alone series going? Will we get to see more of Sebastian (Vampire Savior)?
Yes, Sebastian is a steady feature in all of the books. The third in the series, ‘Captured’ is my current WIP and he plays an even bigger part than in the second book. I’m not sure if there will be a fourth book in series. I’m a big believer in cutting things off while they’re still good and fresh, but if I finish ‘Captured’ and the storyline is calling for a forth, then I won’t be able to help myself.

I read on your blog that many people feel uncomfortable when they read Alone. What do say when you hear that??
I say it’s a good thing. Domestic abuse should make people feel uncomfortable. It means I’m doing my job as an author.

Who is your favorite Author(s)? Any specific books or series?
I grew up a huge fan of Stephen King, James Herbert and Anne Rice. I still love these authors but since then my tastes have grown. I’m a fan of women’s fiction authors such as Jodi Picoult and Emily Barr but I also love Charlaine Harris and the ‘Sookie’ series. Basically, I’ll read pretty much anything, though my love always stays with the paranormal.

What is the best part of being an Author??
Being an author is a bit like holding a potentially winning lottery ticket. I’m not talking about the money; I’m talking about the dream. Every morning I wake up and check sales, see if anything has skyrocketed or hit the best-seller list for its category. I love not having to work for anyone else but most of all I love the thought of people loving the characters and stories I’ve created. I live most of my life in a dream world and it’s fantastic to think I might be dragging a few people along with me for the ride.

Who has been your best or favorite character to write and why??
I love both Serenity and Sebastian, but my favorite character to write was Madeline—Sebastian’s maker. She’s a vampire with attitude and a love of expensive handbags. She’s also an evil bitch and she was great fun to write!

What is your favorite drink or food when you are at a Party? (or wish you could have it)?
It’s beer all the way for me (and later switching to white wine and then vodka—hey, don’t judge, I’m British!).

LOL... That is a great way to enjoy a party! I would just like to thank Marissa for taking the time to get to know her and her novels!! She was so kind as to offer an Ebook copy to Giveaway for our readers!!! Just go to the Giveaway widget at the bottom and enter to win!!

Check out Alone by Melissa Farrar at these other places:, B&N, Smashwords, Reader Store,

Also check out my review for Alone *HERE*

Marissa Farrar is a multi-published horror and paranormal author. She was born in Devon, England, loves to travel and has lived in both Australia and Spain. She now resides in Devon with her husband, two children, a crazy Spanish rescue dog and four hens. She has a degree in Zoology, but her true love has always been writing.
Her dark take on a vampire romance, Alone, was first published in 2009 and has now been re-launched by Red Hot Publishing. The sequel to Alone is scheduled for an October 2011 release.
Her short stories have been accepted for a number of anthologies including, Their Dark Masters, Red Skies Press, Masters of Horror: Damned If You Don’t, Triskaideka Books; and 2013: The Aftermath, Pill Hill Press. Her own collection of paranormal short stories, Where the Dead Live, is also available.
If you want to know more about Marissa, then please visit her website at You can also find her at her facebook page, or follow her on twitter @marissafarrar.
She loves to hear from readers and can be emailed at


  1. Great interview, would love to read Alone, I'm against domestic abuse... And of course wish there were some way to put a stop to it

    Thank you for the giveaway =D

  2. For me, victims of domestic abuse are not weak or coward. I think that you have to be really hard inside to endure something like that.
    It would be great for this kind of abuse to stop.
    Thank you for the chace to win this awesome book :)

  3. A 1st book, a 2nd fixin' to come out, and a 3rd WIP! Perfect!
    Alone sounds excellent, definately goin on my TRL!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  4. Great interview hon. This book sounds amazing and emotional. I am definitely interested in meeting the heroine. This is definitely different from the usual vampire books. It sounds like even with the paranormal aspect, this would seem realistic and easy to relate to. I can't wait for this, on the wishlist. Thanks so much for the interview and the giveaway. I have a new author to keep my eyes on :)

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    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com


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