Thursday, October 20, 2011

~Cover Revealed~ Lover Reborn by JR WARD


JR Ward has finally posted the Official book cover for Lover Reborn!!!!

Soooo.. what do you think?!?! Love it, hate it, don't care?!? 

On her Facebook, The Warden has posted that we should have a kleenex box handy, because this ladies will be one big tear jerker. 

Posts on Facebook by JR WARD:
 Okay. Just cried like a little girl. Yup. Big time *sigh* Oh, get your tissues ready, ladies, Tohr just got me a good one and I didn't see it coming.... (well, not this particular teary thingy).

Oh Tohr! At first I thought it was so soon for him to get a mate after loosing his Shellan Wellsie and his unborn child. I mean how can some one get over such a loss??? But I have faith in The Warden to give us a great tale! Now if she could please hurry up on Blay & Qhuinn!! LOL.... but so far this is all we have officially been given about B&Q from Lover Reborn:

JR Ward on Facebook: 
His slut of a cousin. His cocks***ing, suit wearing, Monte Blanc up-the-a$$ cousin, Saxton The Magnificent, was standing next to the Queen, looking like a combination of Cary Grant and some model in a goddamn cologne ad.
Not that Qhuinn was bitter.
Because the guy was sharing Blay's bed.
Nope. Not at all.
The cocks***ker. 
-LOVER REBORN (so yeah, this is how Tohr's book is going this morning *sigh*)

On the bright side... March is almost here!!! 


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