Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alone by Marissa Farrar ~Review~

1st line in the book---> “The day Serenity Hathaway came to view as the lowest point in her life, also turned out to be the day everything changed.”

Alone was a very different story from the ones I usually read. I had no idea what to expect. The first thing that came to me was surprise. I never expected that the theme would be about the heroine's struggle with Domestic Violence and how she was able to live through it.

Serenity Hathaway is miserable. She has been married for 10 years and living a nightmare. Everyday she must wonder what mood her husband is in. Hoping that its a good or else it will be hell for her. She gets fired and is too afraid to tell her husband, fearing the worst. As she fleas into the streets she runs into a mysterious man. That little encounter is able to give her the strength to go home but tell her husband about her job at a later time.
Sebastian is a Vampire and has been for over 200 years. He sees a women running through the streets as if the hounds from hell were on her. As he sees her face he can see such desperation and fear, that he feels a connection to her. Knowing what she is going through first hand. As Sebastian continues to meet with Serenity her learns of her living hell. As the story progresses, so does their feelings, but everything takes a turn for the worst when there is a murder and Sebastian's maker comes to town. Serenity must struggle to break her fear in order to survive.

First thing that I have to say that I liked this read. It was a difficult theme but I think the Author did a great job. I will be honest though, I am so used to reading the heroines being such strong characters that I was a little uncomfortable at first. I wanted Serenity to wake up, but like all women in that situation its hard. I don't want to give too many things away but one thing that I prefer is after reading so much pain and suffering that the characters go through, I'm happy to know that they got their HEA. Alone is more of a to be continued. I felt so incomplete but that's just my opinion!! There are some very complex characters, Sebastian is a tortured hero fighting his own demons while trying to come to terms with his feelings. The plot is fast paced, there is a little action and thrill. I am looking forward to Buried, I have my fingers crossed that Serenity and Sebastian get the HEA soon!!! 


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  1. Serenity & sebastion should have another child maybe twins that elizabeth can have helping interactions with & new. Supernatural struggles to over come maybe have one of serenity's kids fall for a werewolf? Just a thought


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