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Countdown to New Years: NEW YEARS EVE GRAND GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

We have finally made it to New Year's Eve!!! After such a great week filled with amazing interviews and giveaways (Most are still open!!) Here is what I'm Giveaway for the last day of 2011!!!

       PRINT Book:
  • Chosen By Blood By Virna DePaul
  • Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • SIGNED Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands

  • Alone by Marissa Farrar
  • Birthright, Inheritance & Oceans of Red Volume Two by Willow Cross

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~Review~ Redemption by R.K. Ryals


“The Time has come when He will come looking. She is ready. I have faith in her. She is her father’s daughter. She carries my blood. And I will never forgive myself for feeding her to the wolves.” Bezaliel from Redemption

Dayton Blainey is a foul-mouthed, grief stricken teenager forced to live with a religiously eccentric aunt she barely knows following the death of her parents. Often upstaged by her moral older sister, Amber, Dayton is often flung into the shadows. Little does she know that there is more to her than meets the eye.

When Dayton's Wiccan best friend, Monroe, sees a vision outside Dayton's bedroom window, a catalyst of events is set in motion that will change Dayton's life forever. She is faced with one major question: Who is she?

Dayton and her friends discover the truth behind this question is so much bigger than anyone ever imagined.

Redemption is the story of one young woman who must disentangle herself from a web of lies endangering her soul, and who discovers an attraction to a mysterious stranger that may just kill her.

1st line in the book--> It was dark.

Tragedy. Secrets. Revelations. Angels. Demons. Redemption.
In author R.K. Ryals first book in the Redemption series, we are introduced to Dayton. She has lost both of her parents and is sent along with her sister to live with an aunt she has never known. Her aunt is a deeply religious Abbess and the head of a strange religious order. Her best friends are Conner & Monroe. All is normal until Dayton discovers a deep, dark secret. She is a Naphilim, the product of a union between an angel (her father) and a human (her mother). From there she is thrown into a world that she never could imagine. She doesn't know who to trust and to complicate thing more. Dayton discovers that she is bound to a demon named Marcas in hopes that they will create a child. The blood of this child, half demon and half Naphilim, will bring the demonic forces redemption (or so Damon hopes). Now they must work together along with her friends to survive against not only the evil following them but also her aunt's cult that are set to destroy Dayton.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. At first I thought it was going to be a simple plot to the angels & demons storyline but I was pleasantly surprised. Dayton is the typical rebel teenager causing trouble. What I liked about it is how Marcas came into the mix. You can tell the is the beginnings of a love triangle at work which of course has you taking sides. There's Conner the golden boy, who Dayton loves as a friend and Marcas. The dark and mysterious demon who has turned his heart to stone because of having loved & lost a woman (an angel) and now is bound to Dayton. I love a bad boy so I would lean towards Marcas ;) I will say that it took a while for the story to pick up. I think I was half-way through the book when it got exciting! We are left with a thrilling climax, which we then have to wait for book 2 to see what happens to the characters!

Fave Quotes:

“Mr. Reinhardt, Ms. Blainey, if you two would please refrain from conversing in my class, I would appreciate it,” Mr. James announced loudly. I hadn’t even heard the bell. Conor shrugged. “I’m afraid she’s a lot prettier than you, Mr. James. I got a little distracted.”

"I'm going to make one thing clear. I’m not here to get to know you. I could give a damn how you feel, and I’m not here to explain myself to anyone. I’m here because my brother has wild ideas that are going to get a lot of people killed. And because he didn’t give me a choice,” Marcas fumed. I just stared at him. “That was helpful,” I remarked sarcastically. “If you’re done with the whole Demon tirade, can you tell me what I have to do with any of this?”


Ransom will be coming soon in 2012!!

 R.K. Ryals
 BLOG (where she has Chapter 1 of Ransom posted!) | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | GOODREADS

~Review~ Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett

A love that refuses to die…

“As I watched him vanish into a soft mist that faded away, I knew that he was no ordinary spirit…I knew that he was a dangerous entity that could be in some corner of another realm planning his revenge, but I also knew that I was hopelessly in love with him.”

When Becca moves into her ancestral home in Corydon, Indiana, her life takes a puzzling and thrilling turn when she meets the ghost haunting the halls. As the seductive spirit lures her closer and closer, she learns about her own past and starts to understand that some mistakes are meant to last.

Becca McAllister has always been different from other girls her age. Never part of the "in crowd", Becca never really fit in anywhere. When her mother dies and her father moves them to the small town of Corydon, Indiana, Becca didn't expect things to change.

But things do change when Becca accidentally makes contact with a one hundred and sixty year old ghost, Alastor Sinclair, that haunts the halls of her new home.

To Becca, Alastor is a seductive spirit that seems to see straight into her soul. To Alastor, Becca is what he was waited a century for--A second chance.

But the closer they get, the more Becca realizes that this isn't the first time she and Alastor have known each other. Worse still, is she the one responsible for his death so long ago? And if so, did he come back for love or revenge?

1st line in the book--> Death. It always seemed such a strange and far off event I never thought about what it would be like to actually die.

Spirits. Something that some people believe to have seen and to walk among us. Now imagine that you move in to an old home and see one of a handsome *cough* Sexy..young man who claims that he is your true love from the past. Well that's what Author Dana Michelle Burnett gives her readers in Spiritus.

Becca is just trying to find her place at her new school, when she invites some new friends over to her home and they have a séance in her room for fun. Little do they know that they have caught someone's attention. From the moment Becca meets her ghost Alastor, she feels a connection to him. At first she is doubtful that he is real, but she starts to remember things. Memories from another time. As Becca struggles to separate past from present. She also struggles with the love Alastor claims he has for her and a question... Does he love her or the one from the past??

The characters were great! I think I loved Alastor a little more than Becca, but I just have a thing for sexy, tortured heros! Alastor is protective, loyal, sexy and still completely in love with his Becca after all those years. At times, I got annoyed with him because even though Becca does remember him and their memories together, she isn't the same one! They may look the same but they are two different people. His anger would frighten me. I wanted to say ITS NOT PAST BECCA!!!! LOL but what can you expect from a ghost who at last believes he has been given a 2nd chance with his long lost love?!?

Spritus was great! I loved it!! This is only the beginning and I am waiting for book 2, Haunted, to come out later this year. You can feel the desperate need of the characters to be together while knowing they can't physically touch!! Check it out and find out what happens!

Fave Quotes:

“Do you still believe that I am only a dream?” A voice asked in the darkness, soft and beseeching.

I cried against his nothingness as he held me. I felt trapped, caught in the wrong time and cheated by fate.


You can find Dana at her
WEBSITE (where she has a free excerpt) | FACEBOOK | TWITTER!!

Countdown to New Year's Bash with Monique O'Conner James ~Interview & Giveaway~

Only one more day before the big GIVEAWAY BASH!!! New Years is so close!! Now the best for last in our week long author  Interviews, I have the pleasure of interviewing Monique O'Conner James!! Let me just say how much I love her book covers!! Gorgeous!!

Thank you for doing this interview!! Tell us a little about yourself Monique!  

I am mom to two beautiful children and I married my high school sweetheart. I’ve written all my life, but after my mom died in 1998 I couldn’t write. I didn’t write again until November of 2008 when I sat down and pecked out 7 complete manuscripts! I love writing it has been my saving grace.

For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your book Jamais Vu, can you tell us a little about it?

Darby Lambert has an accident when she is playing with a gun. The accident spurs a near-death experience that leaves her with the ability to change her dreams. Her journey is about finding out what ramifications changing the outcome of her dreams has and what exactly happened when she was shot.

I always believe that the title along with the cover art of a novel are what first attracts the reader. Your cover art is beautiful! I have to ask, how did you decide the title?! Did you know from the beginning you wanted to name it that or did it come later?

No way! I didn’t know from the beginning, but as I wrote the story Darby had several instances of Jamais Vu and Déjà vu and I thought the name was interesting enough that people would want to know where the title came from and what it meant.

Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what types?

I listen to alternative rock and country mostly. It’s so weird because some days I have to have music while I write and other days I have to have complete silence! I’m weird like that! Sometimes I write on the computer and sometimes I write in long hand and then type it up later!

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New Year's Giveaway Hop (12/30-1/3)

Now that Christmas has gone and past, it's time for New Years!! Wow 2012... so much talk. Will this be the end?? After 2012 no more calender... well we won't know till 2013 is around the corner so Enjoy all the Giveaway prizes!!

While I celebrate the New Year's here...
Yes I will be in Vegas !! Can't wait... 

Anyways I go right to the important part.. GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am Giving away a $10 Amazon GC!! I you have to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter form below!! SO for all of you who got ereaders or just want to buy something Enjoy!!

Please Check out the other Giveaways going on, on our blog. Many authors that we interview are Giving away GC, print & ebooks!! Check back on the 31st I will be giving away SEVEN Print books!!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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In the Shadow of the Moonlight: The Awakening by J.J. Bidell ~Review~

Naomi Roberts finally receives a scholarship for a semester abroad in Maine. When Naomi’s grandmother suddenly claims that Naomi will soon be transformed into a panther, like her great grandmother Romina, Naomi believes it is a final and desperate attempt to keep her from departing to the USA.

Having arrived in Maine, Naomi enjoys her student life with new friends and her first love, Roman. Even though she feels magically drawn to a mysterious clearing in the woods, believes she is being watched and begins to sleepwalk, she does not remember the prophecy of her grandmother. Until her very first transformation. And - Naomi is not alone, which not only exposes her to mortal danger, but also Roman.

1st line in the book--> Dorothy tossed and turned around in bed.

I had no idea what to expect when I first picked up the book, but I'm glad I found it because I really enjoyed it. J.J Bidell does a great job of keeping the reader hooked and guessing. We think one thing will happen and then another curve ball is thrown in.

Naomi Roberts has lived a very sheltered life. Living with her Mother & Grandmother in a small ton near London. Her first step in becoming independent comes when she is accepted to study abroad to the University of Maine. Before she leaves, her grandmother reveals a family secret that leaves Naomi shocked and doubtful. Once she arrives to the University she makes new friends that help her adjust to living in Maine. Strange things start to happen to Naomi, she learns that her grandmother wasn't making up stories. She is a were-panther. Confused, and alone she turns to her friends for help Sammy & Kai. Things start getting worse and Naomi doesn't know who to trust. Were-panther can't have human lovers, but if they do they must never find out their partner's secret, otherwise something worse than death will happen to them. Those are the rules, but Naomi refuses to abide by it which leads to more conflicts, not only for her but for her love Roman.

Death, betrayal, love all play important roles that lead to a thrilling climax. The end leaves readers wanting to know more. I will be on the lookout for Book 2 of this series, as its due to come out in 2012. I'm happy I to have read it!!

In The Shadow of the Moonlight: The Awakening

 J.J. Bidell  

Countdown to New Years Bash with R.K. Ryals ~Character Interview & Giveaway~

With each day that passes we are leaving behind 2011, and coming closer to 2012. Now with only less than 3 days away from New Years!! Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Dayton Blaine, the heroine in author R.K. Ryals Redemption series! 

Thank you for answering our questions Dayton!! At the beginning, when we are first introduced to you. You and your sister Amber have lost your parents and are sent to live with your Aunt. What was going through you head at the time??

It's amazing how each person copes with grief. Losing my parents was like losing a part of my soul, causing a strange feeling that ate incessantly away at my gut. I had no idea how to process it. The only thing I wanted to do was scream, and when that wasn't an option, I retreated. I withdrew into myself, just letting the world pass me by, hoping that when I woke up to reality, their death would have merely been a bad dream. And then when I saw my aunt, when I saw where they had taken us . . . I was intimidated and afraid. 

What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength is my ability to persevere. My weakness is most definitely my stubborn streak. My stubbornness has a tendency to blind me to what I know is true. I also tend to put my foot in my mouth. And I have a bad cussing habit. 

Describe yourself in 3 words??

Stubborn, introspective, rebellious. 

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Countdown to New Year's Bash with Dana Michelle Burnett (YA)~Interview & Giveaway~

Welcome everyone to Day 5 of our Countdown to New Years Bash!!! This means we are less than three days away from 2012!! Today on our blog, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dana Michelle Burnett author of her novel Spiritus! A tale about a human girl being haunted by the ghost of a young man. A very good looking one too!!  YA lovers you need to check this book out!!! Read on as she tells more & don't forget to check out the previous authors!!!

Thank you so much for being here Dana!! I always like to start with introducing the author with a little personal info for the readers. So, tell us a little about yourself Dana!  

I am a writer, a dreamer, and the proud dance mom to an eight year old girl. We are each other’s biggest fans. I live in Southern Indiana, very near Corydon.

For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your book Spiritus , can you tell us a little about it?

Sure. The story is about a girl, Becca, that moves into this old Civil War era house in Corydon. Becca and her new friends unknowingly conjure up the spirit of Alastor. Alastor believes that Becca is the reincarnation of his long dead wife. Despite the fact that she is alive and he’s a ghost, they are drawn to each other, but there are still a few secrets that could tear them apart.

I read that you have done many short stories for many publications. Did you always know you wanted to be an Author? Was is difficult to make that transition, writing short stories to full length?

On some level, this is always what I wanted to do. Even as a kid, playing with my dolls, I knew I was destined to be a storyteller because my dolls’ lives were so much more exciting than my friends’ dolls. I tend to be long winded so it’s actually more difficult for me to write short stories than it is for me to write full length novels.

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Countdown to New Year's Bash with J.J. Bidell ~Character Interview & Giveaway~

Welcome to Day 4 of our Countdown to New Years Bash!!! For those who are new, don't forget to check out the previous Interview Days and check out their Giveaways!! For today, I had the pleasure of doing a character interview with the heroine of Author J. J. Bidell's novel In the Shadow of the Moonlight: The Awakening. 
I'm happy and excited to be interviewing Naomi Roberts.

Naomi, when we first meet you, your grandmother reveals her family secret to you. What were your first thoughts about it?
The first thing I thought that she is kidding me. But after looking at her face I thought this story should stop my plans going to study abroad. As well I thought for a short moment that she is demented. Most times she was really scared if I asked for staying over night by a friend. But it was time to go, to live by my own.

Was there even a small part of you that believed in her tale of her mother being a were-panther?

Yes, there was, but only in a funny way. I never believed that were-panthers exists. This is like the werewolves, vampires or hobbits. Nice for movies and novels but nothing real. The story sounded to me like a fairy tale told by my grandmas mother.

What do you consider are your strengths and weaknesses?

If I aim something I go for it. Obstinately. And there you have also my weakness. To be obstinate is good but on the other way it could be your own enemy. As well I am sometimes naive, I know, but I am working on it. One day I hope to consider judiciousness to one of my strengths. Another reason why I have to leave my family for some time.

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Countdown to New Year's Bash with Michele Drier!! ~Interview & Giveaway~

Hopefully everyone has had a great Christmas!! Here at PNRP... we are continuing our week long celebration to 2012!!  This is Day 3 of our week long celebration, Make sure you visit the previous day for some great Author Interviews & Giveaways!! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing author Michele Drier!!

    Tell us a little about yourself Michele!

Wow, I’m probably one of the original dweebs! In high school I was the only girl in my physics class and I started college as a chemistry major. But pretty much, I was always living some story in my head, so my science career got dumped by Organic Chemistry. I think my biggest problem was that I’m interested in too many things and can’t just settle on one to the exclusion of all others!

    For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your book SNAP: The World Unfolds, can you tell us a little about it?

Hmmm, I think Maxie Gwenoch, the protagonist in the SNAP books, would be a good alter-ego. She is a focused, career-driven, high-achiever who gets thrown a curve when she discovers that the jet-set celeb international media company she goes to work for is owned by a vampire family. And then, because she’s SO good at what she does, a rival family of vampires tries to kidnap her. All of this is set against a growing attraction to one of the vampire clan’s leaders. There’s suspense, there’s attraction, there’s Maxie getting used to the incredible luxe life she’s fallen into, with travel and a Hungarian castle thrown in. Oh, and demons!

    Did you always know you wanted to be an Author?

I don’t know about “always”, but I’ve toyed with novels since I was a writer at the San Jose Mercury-News, many, many moons ago. I had a couple of fits and starts, but didn’t really sit down to write in earnest until about 6 or 7 years ago.

    In your book SNAP is a major company that deals with fashion, tv, celeb gossip etc. but is run by vampires. How did you come up with this concept?

I’m really not sure. I spent some time on the way-far-away fringes of fashion and celebs during my time at daily newspapers, but the only time I came close was giving my daughter a subscription to Elle when she was in college. When someone suggested that I write a vampire novel I was stumped. I don’t like violence and gore, so I read some Sookie Stackhouse and discovered a universe of different vampires. And I guess I kind of put together a couple of ideas that seemed polar opposites to see if they’d work.. It’s kind of like the way I cook...a little of this and a little of that.

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New Year's Countdown with Caroline Hanson! ~Interview & Giveaway~

    Happy Christmas Everyone!!! Now that all the presents are opened and parties are over (depending on when your reading this). You have one last event to look forward to New Years!! Here at The ParaNormal Romance Party, we are counting down the day with some great Authors & Giveaways! Today we have Caroline Hanson discussing her Valerie Dearborn Series!! Be sure to keep an eye on her in 2012!
    Tell us a little about yourself Caroline!

I’m 5/4, a Sagitarius and enjoy short walks on the beach followed by a pina colada. I also have two kids, am an attorney and like to play tennis.

    For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your Valerie Dearborn series, can you tell us a little about it?

I’ve read just about everything in the UF genre and quite extensively in Paranormal and hit a point where I got sick of what I was reading. The final straw was reading about a gal who shadowboxes first thing in the morning. I believe it was on page 1. I didn’t relate. And I wanted to. So, Valerie is a girl whose life has been changed by vamps. Her mom was murdered, her dad became a shell of himself and he’s dragged her all over the world hunting them. And she wants to go away and be really shallow and pretend vampires don’t exist. So she moves to London, tries to be normal and the vampire king (who is super hot- duh.) has other plans for her. For me the conflict I could relate to is how does someone do tough things when they are not tough and don’t want to be tough. And what is really important in life.

    You have a prequel called Bewitching the Werewolf. I read it and enjoyed the short snippet! Is the story set around the same time as Love is Darkness it taking place and do we get to see those characters again??

BTW is a short story and will probably stay that way. It’s first person, light and short. It was more to showcase my writing style. It’s free. My thought was that people could try it out and if they liked it, they could read Love is Darkness. It’s first person, which was fun to write. But it’s also very light. And I prefer dark fantasy. So, while I have not ruled it out…don’t hold your breath.

    Love is Fear, book 2, just came out!! I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but after that huge cliffy at the end of book 1 I need it! What can we expect??

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New Year's Countdown begins with Leia Shaw!! ~Interview & giveaway~

Yes, I know its Christmas Eve but its also the last 7 days of 2011!! So many great authors, and books were released this past year and I know many have pre-ordered or added to your wish list for 2012!! To kick off this Countdown to New Years Bash, I have the lovely Leia Shaw. Thank you so much for this interview Leia, and be sure to keep an eye on her in 2012!! She has many great books coming out!!!

    Tell us a little about yourself Leia!

Okay, well, I live in New England with my husband and two kids. I have 6 tattoos and a diet Pepsi addiction. I love to read, be outside, and play zombie chase with my kids.

    For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your Shadow of Destiny series, can you tell us a little about it?

Shadows of Destiny is a series about a group of supernatural characters that live in our world (and sometimes the Underworld) but are hidden from humans. This includes; vampires, werewolves, fae, witches, sorcerers, and even dragons. Though each book can be read separately, the characters and events overlap. My books are character stories and true romances (steamy sex and all!), but I add a lot of humor and action. I love alpha males but also appreciate a strong, smart heroine.

    Natalia and Cristian are total opposites, even species! A werewolf and a vampire. How was the writing process in order to achieve this great story. Were your characters cooperative or stubborn?!?

Yes, they are opposite in temperament. Natalia is cold and emotionless. Cristian is warm and passionate. They were a blast to write, especially the parts where Cristian taunts and teases her and we start to see Natalia’s exterior crack bit by bit. My characters are always stubborn. They pretty much invent themselves and demand I write them.

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Countdown to New Year's Bash!!!

Starting Dec. 24th-31st one PNR Author will be hosting each day and be having their own giveaway!! The on the 31st we will be giving away many goodies! Lots of winners and prizes to help start off 2012 with some great reads!!

Any Authors who would like to contribute any prizes such as swag, book, goodies into the big New Years Eve basket giveaway can do so by contacting me by going to the *contact me* page! or (Facebook, twitter, etc.) They don't have to be PNR, could be any genre and its a great way to promote you novels!!

Lastly I want to say thank you to all the authors participating!!! I'm excited to do this event!! The giveaways will be open for one week so if you can't make it one day, you still have the rest of the week to check it out and enter!! There are some awesome prizes so don't miss out!!!

~Review~ Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson


Valerie Dearborn wants a cotton candy life, but it’s more like a puffer fish: pointy, unusual, and—if not prepared exactly right—deadly.

In London for graduate school, Val knows she's finally free. Her father and ex-almost-boyfriend are back in California and she's out of the Vampire hunting biz for good. Or is she?

She draws the attention of Lucas, a 1600 year old Vampire, and King to his kind. He’s also wicked hot. As golden as Lucifer, and just as tempting, he makes Valerie an offer she can't refuse— help him find out if the Others (Empaths, Fey and Werewolves) still exist or he'll stop protecting those she loves.

Lucas tells her that Empaths were a Vampire’s biggest weakness before going extinct hundreds of years ago. While the Fey or a Werewolf might kill a Vampire, an Empath could enslave them, seducing or harming with emotions at will. The one detail he leaves out? Valerie is an Empath.

And after 1600 years of an emotionless existence, Lucas wants Valerie like a recovering alcoholic wants a wine cooler.

Can she keep those she loves alive, stop Lucas from munching on her, survive a fanged revolution and still find a way to have that boring, normal life she’s always wanted? Probably not, but boy is she gonna try!

This is a full length novel and contains adult content.

1st line in the book---> He wasn't God.

Caroline Hanson does a brilliant job in taking the vampire myth and putting a twist to it. I had been hearing how her Vamps are not the romanticized version many stories portray them as today. Instead, they are more Anne Rice style. Her vampires are deadly, they are selfish, and eat people because its their nature.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story! Valerie Dearborn is one of the last surviving Empaths in the world. Living in a family of vampire hunters after her mother was a victim of a vampire attack. Her dreams are simple, have a normal life, and maybe get married and start a family with her long time crush Jack. Jack has also suffered great loss at the hands of vampires and his only goal in life is revenge. Valerie's life takes at 180 turn when she meets The Vampire King Lucas and is commanded to do his bidding. From there, Valeria is pulled into a world she has tried so hard to run away from. Escaping death, watching blood baths, and having to resist the deadly but sexy Vampire King leads to a very thrilling climax!

Love is Darkness is Dark, Dangerous and Delightfully Sinful thrill ride that keeps you reading till the very end! Making you want more!!

Fave Quote: Valerie to Lucas..

If I open this bag will I find a human heart?” Val couldn't believe she'd said that. Was it a joke?
I paid for a croissant. If it is a human heart I shall be quite put out. And you would need to share.”

Monday, December 19, 2011

~Review~ Destiny Unchained by Leia Shaw

Blurb: They call her The Huntress. A vampire with lethal focus, Natalia hunts rogue werewolves and kills them without mercy. She buried her heart centuries ago. Now she lives only for revenge. But when she’s forced to team up with the alpha of the northwest werewolf pack to catch a werewolf serial killer, her carefully controlled world is shattered by the passionate Cristian

Cristian can’t help be intrigued by the icy Natalia. He hasn’t been attracted to a female since his mate died decades ago. But now he vows to break that hard shell she wears and find the warm, nurturing woman inside.

Will Natalia accept Cristian’s claim on her heart even if it means sacrificing a part of who she is?

1st line in the book--> “Crouched on the ground Natalia crept silently through the leaves, her sharp gaze focused on her target.”

Two unlikely people must come together in order to stop a serial killer in Leia Shaw's third novel in her series. Christian the Werewolf and Natalia the Vampire, meet in the most unlikely way, and from there on its a cat and mouse game they play with the killer on the loose.

I really enjoyed this novel. It keeps you on your toes by slowly revealing vital information about the characters. Its a dark adventure with a side of delicious moments. Christian is the perfect partner for Natalia because of his easy going attitude and snarky comments, while Natalia is an old vampire who has forsaken her feelings and only has one goal in mind... bring pain to those she hunts and kills. The struggle for Natalia to accept that she can love again plays an important role while she is trying to bring the killer to justice. 

There also is a cameo appearance from some of the characters from the previous novels, which I enjoyed because its always great to see where they are after they have their HEA.

If you haven't picked up her novels, I highly recommend this series! I personally can't wait for Maddox's story!! This is another great book that I can reread and satisfy my need for a great chase filled with intrigue and some hot lovin!

Fave Quotes!!

A nickname? This was getting far too personal. “Talia? We’re on a nickname basis now. Good to know, dog.”  

She snorted but it was too weak to have the effect she intended. “A werewolf just called me beautiful. I must be dreaming. I passed out from the sun, didn’t I? I’m probably dying slowly in the woods.”

Passion?” she spat. “What is passion but an excuse to act like fools?” In a mocking voice she said, “I’m in love. I can act completely irrational and idio –”
She cut off with a gasp when a snowball hit her square in the face. The cold stung her cheek and she growled.

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