Review/ Giveaway/ Interview/ Guest Post/ Book Promo's Requests and Polices

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog! Since you are here, that means you are interested in having The ParaNormal Romance Party review and/or host a giveaway. Below is some information for you, so you are informed on how our Reviews are done before submitting a request.
**I also review Contemporary, Historical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA & Erotic Romances or Erotica that doesn't have to be PNR related as part of The ParaNormal Romance Party Mondays. Please be aware that these might take longer to review since its one day a week event! **

What PNRP will do for you:
- PNRP has accts. on Amazon.com, B&N.com, Goodreads, and Smashwords. When we review a book, it will be posted first on our Blog site. After 2-3 days, we will also add the review to the following places. (where applicable). 
- PNRP uses social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote and spread the word to the fans so the know to go check out your review/Interview/Guest post/Giveaway/ Book Promo's!
- PNRP would love to host a Giveaway promoting your book along with the review.
- If you are also interested in a Interview or Guest blog. It would be preferred to have the interview/Guest blog of the book I am reviewing AFTER I have read but Before the actual review is posted. It is not necessary, but creates a better understanding of the author and the book.
-All reviews are posted at The ParaNormal Romance Party Blog site and will include buy links to Amazon (if available) or to another appropriate purchase site.
- I also try to include links to the author’s site for more info, series descriptions and excerpts.
- I cannot promise an exact time of when the reviews will be posted but if you need the reviews posted in a certain time frame please let me know.

Genres that are accepted:
Must Contain Paranormal elements and/or Characters...
- Paranormal Romance
- Urban Fantasy
- Historical fiction 
- Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
- Erotica
- YA

I prefer bound books (ARCs are accepted), but also take Ebooks in kindle format. 
I do accept self-published books as well! 

Please Remember:
- PNRP is a Review blog, and as such not all reviews will be positive. When you submit the form you are asking me for my opinion on the book. I strive to keep all reviews honest. 
- I am not responsible for any lost or stolen materials. If you choose to ship or mail your book to us you understand that if it is lost in transit or not received PNRP can not be held liable. 
- I do not send out previews to authors. The review will be posted at a certain day, and that's where it will be seen. 
-  I reserve the right to refuse any Review request for any reason. Please understand that while it is the goal to Review every Book received this is not guaranteed. Once your book has been accepted for review there is no guarantee of when it will be posted. I will let the Author know a week ahead. If you need it on a specific time or day, let me know and I will work it out.

Once looking over this information, if you are still interested please fill out the form below.

** The check box for Book Promo's couldn't be added so just add it to your message if you are interested in Book Promo's!!
All ebooks provided for reviews will be deleted once the review is posted. I will buy your book if I enjoyed it.**

The ParaNormal Romance Party Request form
All who are interested in a Review/Giveaway/Guest post/Interview MUST fill out this form!!

Please fill out completely and add a brief description on the book you want us to review.

Questions? Please go to the 'Contact Me' page.

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