Disclosure of Product Relationship to Reviews

This is a book review site so I do receive free books from publishers, publicists, PR agents, and sometimes from the authors themselves.
When not given to me, I personally buy the books, and also offer to give them away for someone else to enjoy.
Whether the books are given to me or bought personally does not influence my opinions of the books. I still try to provide an open and honest review about the books.  

                                  Affiliate Disclosure

In accordance with the new completely crazy federal regulations, I letting everyone know that "yes" I'm an affiliate at B&N.com and Smashwords.

If you click on one of the books on my side bar or in my posts the links are connected to B&N or Smashwords, I will receive a small percentage of your purchase.

Small is being nice because it really is a minuscule percentage but it helps keep this site running since I do pay for a lot of postage out of my own pockets along with the giveaways I personally put on.

So every purchase you make through my B&N and Smashwords links helps keep this site going and keeps the freebies coming, so please if you are going to make a purchase click on one of my links.


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