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SNAP: The World Unfolds by Michele Drier ~Review~

SNAP, a multinational celeb TV show and magazine, is the holy grail for Maxie Gwenoch. When she snags the job as managing editor, she's looking for fame, fortune and Jimmy Choos. What she finds is a media empire owned by Baron Kandesky and his family. A family of vampires. They're European, urbane, wealthy and mesmerizing. And when she meets Jean-Louis, vampire and co-worker, she's a goner.

The Kandesky vampire family rose in Hungary centuries ago. They gave up violence and killing to make a killing on the world's commodities markets and with that beginning they built SNAP, an international celebrity multimedia empire. Now cultured...and having found food substitutes for killing...they’ve cornered the world market for celebrity and gossip journalism.

They haven't fully left the past behind. Their Hungarian neighbors and rival vampire clan, the Huszars are starting to ramp up attacks, maybe looking to start a war to take over all the Kandeskys have built.

Maxie believes she's found her ultimate career. She doesn't realize that she's found a family feud like none other, a centuries-old rivalry between vampire families, with her as the linchpin. Bells ring with Jean-Louis, but she doesn’t realize they’re alarm sirens until she learns that Jean-Louis is second in command of the Kandeskys...but by then it's too late.

1st line in the book--> “It was blood.”

In SNAP: The World Unfolds , Michelle Drier combines the world of High fashion and Hollywood with the paranormal world. Think Vampires Wears Prada ;). It was interesting to see how the author combined these two worlds.

Maxmillia Gwenoch, aka Maxie, is the new managing editor of SNAP. She has been in the magazine business for years and has finally landed her dream job. SNAP is the name of a conglomeration of print magazine (with editions in five languages), blog, and television publications dedicated to celebrities. Maxie knows she has finally reached the top, and loves the perks that come with it. Beautiful people surround her but she always keeps in mind the advice that her Mother gave her... to never get involved with someone prettier the she.

Enter Jean-Louis, the art director. He's frightfully handsome, and interested in Maxie. From the moment the moment they first meet they click. Both professionally and personally. As she considers to follow her feelings and get closer to Jean-Louis, there are strange thing that keep occurring at SNAP since Maxie first arrived. Later learning of a vampire family feud that she not only a part of but a target.

The storyline was great. I really enjoyed Maxie's character and Jean-Louis is a great partner for her. The novel doesn't pick until almost half-way through the book. Fashonista lovers will love the beginning as there is lots of detail of regarding the inter-workings of Maxies's job and the places she visits. I do think the only flaw with Maxie's character is that she didn't question or become doubtful when she realized vampires existed. I guess having a sexy vampire tell you is hard to deny ;)

Overall I did like this book. I'm interested to see what book 2 will bring. I love Jean-Louis, but who doesn't like sexy vampire men?? Well this one has an artistic eye and can be extremely deadly, of course he is 2nd in command of the family. There are werewolves, demons, & feral pigs that all contribute to an up coming war. I will keep my eyes open for SNAP: New Talent in 2012.

Fave Quotes:

Once inside, Jean-Louis slid the dividing window up and turned to me. “Now you're beginning to see why the Baron wanted me with you and why I told you about us. You've probably noticed that all the SNAP drivers and security staff look a lot alike.” “Look alike? They're clones! Don't tell me that the Baron has perfected some kind of medical procedure?”  

He came over and wrapped him arms around me, stroking my head as I lay against his shoulder. “This means war, I’m afraid.” He put a finger under my chin, tipped my head back and looked at me with those deep, ageless, beautiful, hypnotizing eyes. “Are you with us?” I could not leave now. “I am.”

Snap: The World Unfolds

Michele Drier


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