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New Year's Countdown begins with Leia Shaw!! ~Interview & giveaway~

Yes, I know its Christmas Eve but its also the last 7 days of 2011!! So many great authors, and books were released this past year and I know many have pre-ordered or added to your wish list for 2012!! To kick off this Countdown to New Years Bash, I have the lovely Leia Shaw. Thank you so much for this interview Leia, and be sure to keep an eye on her in 2012!! She has many great books coming out!!!

    Tell us a little about yourself Leia!

Okay, well, I live in New England with my husband and two kids. I have 6 tattoos and a diet Pepsi addiction. I love to read, be outside, and play zombie chase with my kids.

    For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your Shadow of Destiny series, can you tell us a little about it?

Shadows of Destiny is a series about a group of supernatural characters that live in our world (and sometimes the Underworld) but are hidden from humans. This includes; vampires, werewolves, fae, witches, sorcerers, and even dragons. Though each book can be read separately, the characters and events overlap. My books are character stories and true romances (steamy sex and all!), but I add a lot of humor and action. I love alpha males but also appreciate a strong, smart heroine.

    Natalia and Cristian are total opposites, even species! A werewolf and a vampire. How was the writing process in order to achieve this great story. Were your characters cooperative or stubborn?!?

Yes, they are opposite in temperament. Natalia is cold and emotionless. Cristian is warm and passionate. They were a blast to write, especially the parts where Cristian taunts and teases her and we start to see Natalia’s exterior crack bit by bit. My characters are always stubborn. They pretty much invent themselves and demand I write them.

    How is this book different from the previous book in your series?

Well, in my opinion it’s a little darker. Also, both of the characters are supernaturals already established in who they are. My first two books were about heroines coming to terms with their identity. Natalia has been a vampire for over 800 years. Cristian a werewolf for over 300. And this story is more insular. It really revolves around the character’s journey, less about the world-building.

    What are 3 words you would use to describe Natalia?

Sexually repressed! Lol! Okay, that was two. Umm…self-disciplined.

    What coming up for your series?? **Crosses fingers and hopes Maddox's story is soon LOL**

Sorry to disappoint you but Maddox’s story isn’t for a little while. But trust me, it’ll be a good one and worth the wait. Poor Maddox has a rough two years of torture before we hear from him again. But don’t worry, he’ll get the best HEA out of the whole series. I promise. The next book coming up this summer is Destiny Bewitched. Samantha, a witch from my first book, journeys to the Underworld to save her sister who’s been taken to repay a debt her father owes. A demon, Geo, finds her fighting a pack of werewolves and saves her. Both of them need each other for reasons you’ll have to read when the book releases, but they team up to rescue Sam’s sister. This book will be my longest and most fantasy oriented as it all takes place in the Underworld. I’m pretty excited about it because I can really let loose with the creativity. There’s going to be an Underworld version of gladiator games that will be pretty wild to write. And as usual, lots of alpha men, romance, and sex!

    Who has been your best or favorite character to write and why?

Sage hands-down. She’s the most like me. Now I should probably be offended because she’s the character readers dislike the most. Lol!

    A la twitter style.. using only 140 characters, describe Destiny Unchained!!

Oh geez. Have I mentioned I hate twitter for that very reason? Okay, here we go. Cold-hearted vampire assassin teams up with warm werewolf alpha to hunt down a sadistic killer.

    Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance Author? Any specific books or series?

Easy. Kresley Cole. She’s my writing idol. Her Immortals After Dark was my introduction to paranormal romance and still remains a favorite to this day.

    For fun, New Years in coming, how do a werewolf and a Vampire hunter bring in the New Year?!?

Well, a werewolf would be surrounded by friends and family because they are social creatures. There’d be plenty of food, children, laughter, and beer. As for Natalia, without Cristian, sadly, she’d be hunting her latest target. All alone.

    What is you favorite drink or food to have at a Party?!?!

Puppy chow! It’s chex cereal covered in peanut butter, chocolate, and confectionary sugar. It’s addicting. I don’t make it because I’d eat it before it got to the party but I always hope someone else makes it.

Puppy chow?!! I guess I need to try those!! LOL Thank you again Leia for this wonderful Interview!! I love all you stories, and will be anticipating Maddox's story!! Can't Wait!! I know the rest of you can't wait to hear about the Giveaway!! Leia  is graciously giving one lucky winner a $10 Amazon GC! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. Remember you can *sign in* to rafflecopter either with you facebook or name/email!

**Destiny Unchained is now available for only $.99 until 12/28!! A great buy and story!!**
Find here:  Amazon,  Smashwords

You can also find Leia on her WEBSITE, BLOG, TWITTER, and FB page!!

Check out my review for Destiny Unchained HERE!!

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  1. Thanks for having me and I wish everyone a happy holiday!

  2. You said Sage is like you. Do you model some of your other characters after people you know?

  3. Hi Leia! Cristian was my fav of yours. I can't wait to read Destiny Bewitched though!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks for the interview! Just added you to my goodreads 2012 TBR list!

  5. Shonna, not usually i don't. most of the time i get inspiration from other books, music, and movies. actually, samantha's favorite, maddox, was inspired by JD from the show Scrubs. kinda goofy, funny, but really sweet. that's why we gotta harden him a little before his book. he he he.

  6. Thanks for doing this interview. Series sounds interesting.

    And that puppy chow looks so interesting. Never heard of that before.

    jennifer k.

  7. Hi Leia! Cristian was my fav of yours. Can't wait to read more of your books.

  8. And I WILL Be reading these this year! <3 I want to read your newest one first but I'm a sucker for series being read in order lol ;-P

  9. Omigosh, you are a new to me author, and I'm SO glad to have found you! I love the type of books you write, and especially series!!! They become like family to me, lol!
    Thank you so much for the giveaway op! I have a list of books to buy!!

    Gena Robertson

  10. Love the post. I can't wait to read your books.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  11. Looking forward to reading. Kresley Cole is one of my favorites, too!

  12. I'm like the sound of the book and a totally off book question. You say you have 6 tattoos- I love tattoos but am way to commitmentphobic to get one! What are yours do they have meaning? or just something fun?!!! :)

  13. Just added them to my tbr list!!

  14. hello Leia hope you had a great Christmas and that you have a kick ass New Year!!

  15. I love the cover!... Really love it lol. Great interview, and the books sound great adding them to my TBR list =)

    Thank you for the chance to win

  16. Thanks for doing the interview and introducing me to your books, they sound good.

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  18. Thanks for the interview! I'm glad that I now know about your books!

  19. wow! what a huge response. thank you everyone! i hope you enjoy the book if you read it.

    IanSsmom - all 6 of my tattoos have meanings but they are hard to explain (and long). but i'll give you a tip. DON'T get one on the top of your foot. hurts like a bitch. lol! and i have a high pain tolerance. it's a big decision and if you have commitment issues...well...maybe a piercing is a better idea. or at least try out a temp tattoo in the place you want it first. i have one on my wrist and sometimes i get tired of looking at it. i wish they could do a changing tattoo like those digital picture frames. lol!

  20. OMG! I've never had Puppy Chow before... I'm going to go make some right now! Thanks for the interview and I look forward to reading your books!

  21. Great interview! I just got a tattoo on the top of my foot this past summer...wasn't too bad. I won't say it tickled, but it wasn't too bad. It's Gena Showalter's LOTU butterfly and takes up most of the top of my left foot. I LOVE it! It's the only one I have...and I waited until I was 51 to get it! There is a meaning behind it...too long to explain here. And I'll probably get another...already have the design in mind. I think it might just be true what they say about getting inked...

  22. Great giveaway..I love puppy chow also..use to have it all the time in this youth group that I was in growing up. ... Shannon S.

  23. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing a little with us.
    You are a new author for me and I would like the chance to read your work.

  24. Thanks for a great interview and giveaway!!! And Happy New Year to All!!!

  25. glad to hear from other puppy chow fans!

    Barbara, you are braver than I. but yes, tattoos are addicting. i'm planning one for the summer.

  26. Great interview. Happy New Year!!

  27. Which of your book did you enjoy writing more...not so much which is your favorite in the end, but which you enjoyed writing?


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