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The Dragon Who Loved Me by G.A. Aiken ~Review & Giveaway~

1st line in the book---> “She watched them move through the trees.”

First thing I feel I must mention is that if you haven't read any of the previous books in the series, I Highly recommend it! You will be a little confused and overwhelmed because this book picks up five years after the other one ended. I am a HUGE fan of G.A. Aiken's Dragon Kin series. I was a little worried about this book because it would be the first one to not have one of the royal siblings as the main characters. I was pleasantly surprised when I read it was Vigholf as the hero because he was a great secondary character in the last book.

It has been Five years of war for the dragon shifters and their human allies. Many haven't seen their Mates and families for more than three years and things are getting desperate. For Vigholf the Abhorrent, a Northlander lightening dragon, war has been something he has always known. Being a lightening dragon, their race has always been fighting some enemy. The only issue he seems to have a problem with is that there are female warriors also fighting. To his race, females should be protected and far from war. When he meets Rhona, a dragon soldier for Her Majesties Army , his protective instincts take over not wanting to acknowledge that he is growing feelings for the dragoness.

Rhona The Fearless is the perfect soldier. She is the perfect example of how each soldier should be. The only problem is that she is a Cadwaladr and Cadwaladr's never settle for anything less than being a Dragon Warrior. As her mother, a General, has repeatedly told her. She is the only one who refused to go through the Dragon Warrior training. Rhona thinks Vigolf is a pest. Everytime she goes into battle or any other situation he is always there. To make matters worse, he tries to “help”her from getting injured. Always reminding her that war is best left for the males. Yes, Vigholf is a major pest.

When word reaches them that there is a threat against their family members back home, Rhona and Vigholf are stuck together as a protection escort. Together they learn more about each other and slowly their attraction begins to grow into something more but being in a war they must work together to survive if they want any chance of a future.

Like I said before, all the previous books have been about the royal siblings. So I was worried about how two secondary characters from the previous book would work. I LOVED IT!! Vigholf is a great character. There is lots of humor, action and intrigue. Rhona is a fierce warrior but also a mother figure for her family. Rhona is in fact the perfect soldier!! To the point where she is too used to getting direct orders that she doesn't see what Vigolf is subtly implying. LOL

 Fave Quote from Vigolf:
“I have absolute control of my hammer, thank you very much.  But once it’s moving, it’s not always easy for me to stop, my lady.” he grinned, feeling cheeky. “I can say that about all my hammers, in fact.”

I also was very happy to see what is happening with some of the previous characters. I will say that there are some sad moments but in a war, there isn't always a happy ending for everyone! Well for our H/H there is of course!! ;)

Those who have read the series, there is still a long way for Blue and Izzy. They need to grow up more. I love their characters and hope they can be together soon!! 

There is lots of action, bloody fights but many sweet and spicy moments. There were times that it was a little disturbing, there are children killing people too. Keep in mind that they are half dragon though. I can't wait for the next one! G.A. Aiken know how to give her characters so much depth and her world is very complex! I love it, it sometimes reminds of Middle Earth (LotR ) but for Dragons!! Check it out and her previous works, you won't be disappointed!! 



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  11. I LOVE G.A./Shelly's books! I'm looking forward to reading Eibhear's story someday...

  12. I may have read something by this author at one point. But, my! I don't recall such steamy covers. LOl. Eye Catching.

    And the story does sound funny. I might have to add this one to my TBR pile.

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