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Why I love Sterling 'Harvard' Chase... Darker After Midnight Discussion [Warning: Major Spoilers]

So I wanted to wait a little while before posting this. I wanted to give everyone a chance to read Darker After midnight before I posted this Spoiler-ific post on all things Chase and the Breed!!

I honestly wasn't going to get this book until like Feb. 4 (which would have been torture) because I was soo busy and thats when I would have no more deadlines, I wanted time to enjoy every part of the story. I had been waiting for this book since I first read about Chase in BK #2!! 

Imagine my surprise when my mother tells me Tues. (24th) afternoon that she stopped by the store and got me something!! DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT!!!.... 

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Totally shocked..excited..lets just say I was behind on a few things because I spent all day reading.. and BOY what an Awesome Story it was!!! :D

Now to Chase....Mr. Sexy Harvard!
For some Chase has been seen as a jerk, jacka**, annoying, a bad boy wannabe compared to Tegan, and to others (I include myself) he's been the sexy mystery, the dark, brooding, tortured male that we just can't get enough of!!!

Who can forget the first time Sterling Chase made his first appearance in Kiss of Crimson.....
The vampire male had the clean-cut looks of an accountant -rightdown to the dark suit and white shirt, crisp gray tie, and glossy black oxford shoes. His golden-brownhair was short, impeccably styled, not a strand out of place. Although the male was sizable beneath allthat spit and polish, he brought to mind one of those chiseled pretty boys that you see in human magazineads, hawking designer clothing or expensive cologne.Scowling, Dante shook his head. "Tell me that's not one of the new warrior candidates. ""That, " said Gideon, "is Agent Sterling Chase, of the Boston Darkhaven. " 
OR when he outright told The Order he wanted to be part of the team.....
"I want to ride along with one or more members of the Order, to personally monitor the operation andto assist in the retrieval of these missing individuals. "Seated on the other side of Dante, Nikolai burst out laughing... Dante chuckled...""Well, now, I don'tmean to stand on ceremony, Special Investigative Agent Chase-'scuse me, Senior Special Investigative Agent -but what I do, what all of us in this room do, each and every night, is some dirty f***ing work...”
And finally the moment that Dante dubbed Chase's nickname that would also start a great bromance between the two....LOL
"So,  tell me, Harvard, how many times have you used your training -martial arts or weapons-outside of a classroom? How much of your blood have you spilled? How much have you taken from your enemies inthe heat of battle?... "
WOO WHOO!! Harvard is born!!
From there, we see Chase as he struggles with his demons. The sincere love he grows for the only family he has ever felt part of, The Order. Then as bad goes to worst, he does the one thing he can think of to make up for all the mistakes he has caused his friends...he sacrifices himself and lets the human authorities arrest him. Giving The Order a chance to evacuate and escape....

Whats a guy do when all hope seems lost?? Well when it comes to Chase, nothing is ever simple or normal! I don't think he would accept either one. 

Enter Tavia Fairchild. 
The pristine, clean cut, professional that works as a Senator's assistant. I some ways I thought it was kinda ironic that she was just how Chase's character was in the beginning before joining The Order. Something he didn't like or want to be but was expected of him but hey.. like I said Chase doesn't do simple or normal. 

There is an attraction there that is instant when these two meet! I really liked Tavia for Chase. She is strong, smart, and unique.... 

OMG!!! when the author first starts hinting about Tavia's defects I was like ..."Hmm.. could Dragos really create something like that...??...but if he did..." and then that scene...
He could only stare as her lips curled back on a wild snarl. She drew in a ragged breath, then gave a fierce hiss through her teeth and the sharp lengths of her gleaming fangs.Even though he had suspected she was something more than what she seemed, seeing it for a fact now took him totally aback.Tavia Fairchild was somehow—impossibly—Breed..
Dun Dun DUN!! That threw me into a loop! I mean..could she still bond?? How did Dragos accomplish this miracle?? I mean he's a sick bastard, but ..WOW!! Then to go on and reveal that she can still survive by eating food and blood, has a photographic memory and walk in the sun!!! 

Tavia Fairchild is the ultimate weapon!!! A rare hybrid...and is destined to be Chase's HEA!! He really has his work cut out for him!! LOL

It also goes to show that if someone really wants to change, it can be done but they have to want it. Bloodlust had been Chase's addiction since the first time we met him. It tore him apart and he hurt alot of people, but he didn't want help. Then he meets Tavia and he realizes why all The Order change for the better when they had Breedmates. Why they all found a new purpose to fight Dragos and their own 

Dante stared at him for a long moment, studying him. “You care about this female.”....
“I love her. That should be reason enough for me to let her go, right?” He slowly shook his head, considering how much better off she’d be without him. “I’m the last thing she needs in her life.”
“She doesn’t need you in her life like this, my friend. Nobody who cares about you wants to be there to watch when you crash and burn. I’d say least of all her. I don’t mean to be harsh. You’re trying to get your shit together, I can see that.”
“Yeah,” Chase agreed. “I have to. I want to prove to her that I can beat this.”...Dante shook his head. “No, man. First, you have to want to prove it to yourself.”
Dante with the great words of wisdom for his best friend. I loved this scene because Chase not only realizes that he has what he has been missing, but his best friend is there to set him straight. Dante having been in his shoes....having almost lost his mate... its a great scene where you just feel Chase getting ready to take on his addiction and the world!!

Of course the love scenes were hot Hot HAWT!!! While all the other males had to worry about being gentle and not injuring their Breedmates... Chase and Tavia's only worry will have to be the furniture. ;)

Now the only disappointing thing I felt about this story was Drago's demise. It felt very anti-climatic to me. I mean after everything he's done to The Order, Breedmates and the World. I was hoping for something more..I don't know...maybe an extraordinary kill by Lucan? Some great last words before he meets his end??

I thought it was going in the right direction when Tavia infiltrates and joins Dragos' crew. I thought maybe she was going to end up killing him or injuring him....but nope didn't happen. Instead it was Renata who helps..which leaves me wondering ..didn't Dragos know Ren was part of the order?? Well..he's dead. It was quick and Chase gave the final kill. 

Overall I did love Darker After Midnight!! I can't wait to see Chase in the future, to his full potential. As a warrior, as a mate, and now as a father!! That is going to be fun to see, especially since the next book will be Mira's...a few years will probably have passed! Along with all the other Breed children...~Clasps Happily~ Can't wait!!

Lara Adrian I am very happy that you have shared such a great series with all of us!! Thank you soo much and I can't wait to read more!!

Fave Quotes!!

He stroked the velvety slope of her cheek. Through emerging fangs, he said, “Jesus Christ … you are the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Possibly the only one of your kind.”
“Leave me here, Chase. Go with your brethren.”
“No.” He shook his head once, then again, more fiercely. “No. I’m never leaving you. Not ever again.” His voice cracked, too full with the emotion he felt for this woman. His woman. His mate. “I love you. You are mine. In my heart, I knew that from the beginning. You are my beloved, Tavia, my only one.” 
What were your thoughts on Darker After Midnight?????


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