Monday, February 20, 2012

**Review** Ravished by a Viking by Delilah Devlin

Welcome to the beginnings of The Romance Party Mondays!! I felt that not just PNR feels like a Party when you read them but also many other genres!! So I hope you join me on Mondays for some great reads!!

Ravished by a Viking (The New Icelandic Chronicles #1)
Delilah Devlin
Sci-fi Erotic Romance

Released : March 2011
Pages: 320
What a Viking wants, a Viking takes. 

When his younger brother goes missing, Dagr, Viking warrior and Lord of the Wolfskin Clan, will do whatever it takes to get him back. But nothing could have prepared him for Honora-a feisty, intelligent woman who is nothing like the women of his world-women who are content to serve their men in all things. Drawn to her despite her recalcitrant nature, Dagr is determined to show her who's boss both in bed and out. 

When the two enemies-turned-lovers join forces to find Dagr's brother they are thrown into a rousing adventure full of danger, intrigue and erotic abandon. Can their passion truly unite them or will their different worlds lead to destruction for them both?

1st line in the book --> Eirik Ulfhednar glared into his opponent's reddened face and adjusted his han, just a slight movement to improve his grip, and then bore down with all his might.

Firstly I have to say that this was an intense read, and not for the faint of heart. This is a Sci-fi erotic romance. Heavy on the Erotic! The title says Ravished and yes indeed the heroine is thoroughly ravished by a viking. I have to say that you have to keep an open mind because this book contains M/F/F , M/F/M/M, but no M/M or F/F.

Dagr is king of the Wolfskin Viking clan. He is ruthless, brutal, cold, and merciless warrior but cares deeply about his people and family. When he discoveres that his younger brother has been abducted, he leaves the Iceland planet for the first time and hunts down his enemies. When he takes over one of the ships orbiting his planet, he is surprised that the Captain is a woman. Captain Honora has strived to become the best. Her families past has been hard to overcome so she follows her orders without question. When her ship is taken over by vikings she can't help the attraction that grows between her and the Sexy Viking.

Dagr is the typical Barbaric Alpha male. His word is law and he can do whatever he wants. He has been taught that love is a weakness and that women have only two purposes for the Viking men, to see to the men's needs and to breed. So when he meets Honora the ice around is heart begins to slowly melt as they work together to find Dagr's missing brother. Honora is a strong heroine, and brave. She does stand up for herself but submits to Dagr more often.

I did like this book. I liked the secondary characters too. I want to see where Birget the princess and Baraq relationship leads. I had a hard time in the beginning feeling the strong love connection between the hero and heroine because it was more sex than love. I also find it difficult to see an Alpha male sharing the woman he is falling for, but I guess thats just me. He does swear off any other in the end. There is a lot of action, the world building is really interesting. Delilah combines Sci-Fi with Norse mythology. They are living on a icy planet, wearing only animal skins as clothing. Did I mention that Dagr has a huge Wolf tattoo that spreads all over his back and the tail spreads around his torso!! YUM!! I love tattoos on sexy men!! 

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  1. I love Viking romance. I will check this out.

  2. Ooooh, this looks like a fabulous read! Thanks so much for posting Samantha!;)

    1. No problem! Thanx for stopping by DeAnna!! let me know what you think when you read it!! <3


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