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Autumn Blog Hop WINNERS!!

1st place- Pelfreak No Mercy hardcover

2nd Place- Lori Z Tempted hardcover

3rd Place- Kim C, Fury Ebook

4th Place- Pam M., Fury Ebook

Congrats to the winners!! Please check your email. You have 48 hrs to respond, after 48 hrs I will pick another winner. Thank you everyone for stopping by and joining us. We are also going to be in another hop soon and lots of other goodies happening!! Everyone enjoy the rest of your week. <3

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Cover Revealed!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG.... How long have you been waiting for this story?!?!
I know I have wanted to read his book since we first met him... which was Book 1!!! LOL

Paris's book is almost HERE!!!


Possessed by the demon of Promiscuity, immortal warrior Paris is irresistibly seductive-but his potent allure comes at a terrible price. Every night he must bed someone new, or weaken and die. And the woman he craves above all others is the one woman he’d thought was forever beyond his reach…until now.

Newly possessed by the demon of Wrath, Sienna Blackstone is racked by a ruthless need to punish those around her. Yet in Paris’s arms, the vulnerable beauty finds soul-searing passion and incredible peace. Until a blood feud between ancient enemies heats up.

Will the battle against gods, angels and creatures of the night bind them eternally-or tear them apart?

NOW I can't wait!! I want to read it now!! Sooo close!! I love his cover, it very different from the rest!!

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BLOG HOP TOUR (Sept 19-26)

So here is Southern California, there really aren't any seasons that we have to go through. Some hear about this and tell me that they couldn't live without their seasons. I have grown up living in temp. 65-85 all year long. To me, Autumn means... Back to School, Sweaters and shorts and the coming of Halloween, Thanksgiving and to finally Christmas!!!


But the one thing that I always look forward to is the downtime I have from my busy Schedule!! A good Romance book, maybe some coffee or hot rice pudding, a blanket and my favorite couch. 


Oh yes... spending time with some Sexy Men is a great way to spend my Autumn!! 


So I ask you this...



Blog Hop Question: What is your favorite Season and what kind of book do you read during it??



Because here we just LOVE PNR.. ;).. Here is what we are giving away:

  • Hardcover Sherrilyn Kenyon's No Mercy
  • Hardcover P.C & Kristen Cast's Tempted
  • 2 Ebooks Laurann Dohner's Fury
1.US Contest only for hardcover's BUT everyone can try for the Ebook!! 1st place winner will have 1st pick .. so please rank the books in 1-3... 1 being your top pick... (only one prize per winner).

2. You MUST be 18 years of age or older to participate in the contest.
3. Please answer the my Blog Hop question! Love reading your thoughts!!

4.MUST be a follower of our Blog (GFC or Networked Blogs ) AND 'Like' our Facebook page!
                  +1 extra entry if you follow us on twitter!!
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You can find links to our Twitter/Goodreads on the top right side of our Blog ------->

5. MOST IMPORTANT….Leave your email address!!! I do not have the time to hunt a winner down and if you fail to leave an email address, I will not add your name to the drawing.
6. If these rules are not followed, you will be disqualified from the contest. No exceptions!
7. You agree that you have read the tour rules located HERE , that you understand them, and by entering this contest you agree to the tour rules and my contest rules.



**BONUS**.. If you don't win here we are also having a giveaway for our Facebook followers!! when we reach:
  • 500 'Likes' ---> We'll be giving away DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR BY KRESLEY COLE!! (paperback)
  • 1000 'Likes'---> We'll be giving away RETRIBUTION BY SHERRILYN KENYON!!(Hardcover)
So spread the word!! The faster our numbers rise on our  FACEBOOK PAGE... the sooner we can give these goodies way too!! XD


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Party time with Lisa Beth Darling!! ~Interview~

Today on our blog I'm excited to be hosting a Party for our interview with author Lisa Beth Darling! She was  kind enough to answer my questions about her new book coming out called Child of War-A God is Born, Book #2 in her "Of War" series. Welcome Lisa, lets begin!!!

 Tell us a little about yourself Lisa!
I'm 44 years-old, married 25 years to my wonderful husband, Roy, we live in my hometown of New London, CT where we've raised two daughters. 

For those who have not had the pleasure of reading your Of War series, can you tell us a little about it?
The OF WAR series centers around the Greek Pantheon and some of the Celtic Pantheon although it's set in modern day. Ares God of War has been living in exile from Olympus when a half-fey half-human woman, Maggie MacLeod, washes up on the shore of his secluded Greek Isle. The Olympians want her on Olympus believing she knows something about the violent death of Artemis. Ares sees a way to get his place back on Olympus. As Fate would have it he falls in love with her even though all of the odds are against them. Alena, as Ares comes to call Maggie, has been on the run from her husband Cernunnos for as long as Ares has sat in exile. The first book in the series, "The Heart of War" contains many graphic scenes of sex and violence and isn't recommended for the faint of heart. The second book, "Child of War-A God is Born" doesn't contain the brutal violence of "The Heart of War" but still got a great dose of sex! 

Child of War-A God is Born (Book 2) is about Ares and Alena's son, Raven. What can we expect from this book?
In Child of War-A God is Born, Ares and Alena have moved from the peace and solitude of the island to Mount Olympus where she doesn't fit in and she's outwardly despised by Zeus. After Raven, the son of Ares and Alena, is born, things go from bad to worse very quickly. The boy is quite the handful, if you've ever seen "The Omen" you have a good idea of Raven. 
How is this book different from the previous book in your series?
It's not quite as 'adult' as "The Heart of War" because it centers around a child. Writing Raven was difficult, I'm accustomed to dealing with adult characters-late teens at the youngest. Having to go from pregnancy to toddlerhood to adolescence in 428 pages without cheating (too much) was an interesting task. I wanted to show Raven growing up and how he develops but couldn't get stuck there and had to keep it moving along. If I ever say I'm going to do another novel with a child in the middle I wish someone would just kick me!

 What are 3 words you would use to describe Raven?
Young Bad Ass 

Where do you see your Of War series going next?
In book #3 "Child of War-Rising Son" we'll finish off Raven's coming of age with lots of wicked tid-bits and oodles of sex, it will be a lot more like "The Heart of War" in style and dark adult happenings. I can't tell you anything about the last book in the series "Spoils of War" or I'll ruin the ending of "Rising Son". Sorry. 

We will just have to wait until then!! Who has been your best or favorite character to write and why?
I've been with Ares God of War for nearly 20 years now, so he's not only my favorite, he's sort of like my second husband. I always was a total sucker for a sexy bad boy. I married one! 

I love Greek myth and the way many authors change the original myth stories to bring us completely new versions!! How did you come up with this new storyline for Ares and the Gods?
I didn't come up with the storyline. I'm one of the Muse Writers. Ares tapped me for it, whispered in my ear by saying those two famous words of his; "What if…." That's that. We sat down, started writing, and haven't stopped yet. 

Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance Author? Any specific books or series?
I haven't read a romance novel since I started writing them in high school. I used to love Jacqueline Susan, Harold Robbins, and Judith Rossner. VC Andrews too, I still adore the "Flowers in the Attic" series. The best romance novel I ever read was called (auspiciously) 'Raven' by Shana Carrol. I fell in love with that book in 7th grade, it totally swept me away and ruined me for any other romance books. To my discredit, again, other than the local newspaper and magazines that come to the office, I read Stephen King exclusively and have since I fell in love with him, also in 7th grade. He came into my life and everything else got swept aside. No one calls to my inner-self like he does with his stories. He ruined me too. ;-) 

What is your favorite drink or food when you are at a Party? (or wish you could have it)?
LOL! Depends on the party. If I'm with friends I know well or it's at my house I'm up for a few Blue Moons and shots of Southern Comfort. If it's a less casual event a glass of Barefoot Moscato (or two) will do nicely!

  Again thank you so much Lisa, for answering our questions and spending some time with us!! We can't wait till your book comes out!! 
To all the viewers, you can check out Lisa's books , where to find her and see an excerpt for Child of War-A God is Born below!!

A HEART OF WAR (BOOK 1) Can be found here:
Paperback: Moonsmusings.com, Amazon.com, BN.com, Books-A-Million
Ebook: Amazon.com, BN.com, Smashwords.com, Moonsmusings.com

Child of War-A God is Born
by Lisa Beth Darling
Book Details:
Title: Child of War-A God is Born
Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Publisher: Moon Mistress Publishing
Length: 411 pages
Copyright: 2011
- Available in signed hard cover now www.moonsmusings.com 
- Available in mass paperback October 31, 2011 
                                                          - Available in mass ebook November 25, 2011
                                                           - Author's Blog lbdarling.wordpress.com 
                                    - Lisa on Facebook
Excerpt from Child of War-A God is Born!!! 
**Please note, as Lisa has stated.. this is an ADULT book. It is not for the faint of heart... the excerpt is a sneak peak of Raven's birth and WOW didn't see that coming!!**
"Stop I know it's hard, I know, but don't push." Hera looked up from between Alena's legs where Raven was just beginning to crown to Ares. "Why did you wait so long to come get me?" she hissed. "You knew how important this is!"
Panic rising within him as he tried to stay calm and hold Alena close he roared at her through lips thinner than a dime. "Do what you have to, Mother."
"It's too late." Alena had done what any woman in her position would do and she pushed with each contraction until the boy dropped just enough to get his head past those slender hips, but his shoulders were too wide to make the same squeeze and now Raven was stuck in her pelvis. Opening Alena's womb would do them no good. Pulling the boy back through the narrow opening would only result in injury to him and her. On the verge of losing her Grandson, the only thing the grand Goddess of All the Olympian Gods could do was stand here and watch both of them pass into the Underworld.
Not believing his Mother, Ares left Alena's side to stand at the end of the bed and inspect the precarious situation. As they stood there watching Alena writhe in agony as she tried to hold back the urge to push, they saw Raven's feet push upward. The little toes curled as though they were fists as he started slamming them against the inside of Alena's womb. Listening to Alena's near silent screams and seeing her face gnarl and twist in a way he never wanted to see again, his Warrior's Mind hit upon a plan. For a split-second, he tried to talk himself out of it but in his heart he knew it was the only way to save them. Reaching out cautiously with one hand, he held to it Alena's cheek as he stared into her stormy eyes. "Do you love me?"
What a question! Here she was in the deepest clutches of labor with his Son and Ares wanted to know if she loved him? If this wasn't love, what was it? "Y-yes."
He leaned in further as his hand slid down to her hip where the other was waiting on the opposite site. "Do you trust me?"
"I love you, Alena." With that, Ares planted his lips over hers. In one brutal but mercifully swift motion, he pushed down on her hips with all of his strength and did the unthinkable. With a loud snap, her slender hips cracked open like a clamshell. His mouth over hers silenced the shriek of utter agony that went through her.
The way to freedom suddenly open, Raven began making his way toward it with much haste. But he couldn't do it alone.
"You have to help," Hera said as she stared down at the scene in disbelief. Alena was in far too much pain to push. "Hurry, put your hand on her stomach, gently guide him down. Gently."
With his hands shaking and his mind still in shock at what he'd just done, Ares put his big mitts on Alena's stomach and, gently but firmly as he could, pushed the baby toward the opening between her legs waiting for him. No longer feeling the harsh pain of the contractions or anything below her waist other than what felt like fire, Alena buried her face in Ares' upper arm as she held onto him for comfort and strength. She was met with the sight of a nearly healed scar.
"Keep going, keep going, he's coming," Hera said excitedly. "Alena, he's almost here." She reached between Alena's spread legs to get a grip on the back of Raven's neck. As she turned him slowly so that one shoulder at a time emerged from the enlarged hole, the baby's face came into her view.
Alena screamed uncontrollably at the sight.
Raven had no face. No eyes. No nose. No mouth. Instead of features, there was only a sheet of skin.


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What's coming up!!

Just wanted to give you a heads up on whats coming up on our blog!!

This Tuesday, my Interview with Author Lisa Beth Darling will be posted at around 8:00am (pst).
I had such a great time getting to know her, be sure to stop by and check it out!!

The ParaNormal Romance Party will also be participating in a Blog Hop starting Sept. 19!! I already have the goodies I will be giving away to the lucky winners so don't miss out!!

More reviews on the way and along with another Author stopping by!! I'm working on getting a newsletter and calendar so I can update it, so the fans can check whats scheduled!!  

Don't forget to follow at our other sites!! 

Have a great week everyone!! <3

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~Winners~ Fairy Circle Giveaway!





I have already sent the winners an email. If they do not respond within 48 hrs, I will choose another winner!!

Congrats to them and thank you to everyone for participating!!! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

~Review & Giveaway!!~ Fairy Circle by Johanna Frappier

1st Line in book---> “Saffron, are you ok?”

This was one fascinating story!! The whole time I was reading it, I had no idea what the end result would be!! The story is complex and leaves you guessing. You try to piece together the clues that you are given, but when you reach the end.....you're left wanting to know what happens next!!! I know I am!! Mrs. Frappier, I am anxiously waiting for the next installment!!

Saffron has just graduated from highschool, and is perfectly happy just staying at home. Even as her Mother and her boyfriend continously ask what her plans are for the future?? Is she thinking about getting a job or going to college?? Why doesn't she go out with her highschool friends?? She is so tired of the pressure...can't her Mother just understand that she likes being alone!! That she feels secure and safe just staying at home!! She doesn't want any of those things, but she does want to appease her mother. So when she mentions that a clerk position has opened in town she grudgingly applies and gets the job.

Suddenly, Saffron finds herself experiencing weird things. She has always had disturbing dreams since she was a child, but now they become nightmares. She encounters the Fairy world through a form of astral projection. The fairies she meets seem familiar, although she doesn't recall them. As the story progresses, Saffron's simple life becomes more complicated. As her crush begins to notice her and a vampire comes to town, she must figure out what is happening to her and decide who she can trust.

The story started a little slow for me and it also took me a little bit of getting used to. I am used to knowing where the plot is heading or being given an idea about what to expect. With this book, you have to keep reading and piece together the clues the author slowly reveals. I was thoroughly engrossed with the story after it started to pick up! In the beginning, Saffron is timid and a loner. She reminded me of a little bunny that frightens easily. I was happy to see her character grow as the story continues!! The other character are great. Each one of them has his/her own agenda. I felt like I was playing Clue, and to figure out their motives....I loved every minute of it!!! I have my favorites and hope my analysis of them is correct! :D But that can change at anytime, because there is soo much that is left unknown!! Fairy Circle is the first book in the series, and I will definitely be waiting for the next!!

All you have to do is join our blog!! (GFC, or Networked blogs)
Comment below and leave your email to be entered!!
(Giveaway ends 9/8 @ 5:00pm est. Winners will be chosen through random.org) 

Find Ebook here:  B&N.com

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~Review~ Destiny Divided by Leia Shaw

1st Line in the book---> “Sage emptied the contents of her backpack onto a desk in the basement of the school.”

This book really surprised me!! In an AWESOME way!! I just got it because it had been on my wish list for the longest time and saw it on promotion!! But... WOW!! Have you ever started reading a new book and you just can't put it down!?! Even when I HAD to put it down, it was still on my mind!!

Sage Peterson knows only one thing. Survival. After being in foster care system, she knows that the only person she can depend on is herself. She is different, people feared her as a child. So when she is faced with going to jail, she is given two choices. Either end up in jail, or take the offer Professor Elias provides her with. Sage being a survivor, decides to take the lesser of two evils. Although all she really wants to do is disappear.

James Elias is a Professor at the college where Sage is working at. He has just dismissed his students when a commotion catches his attention. What he finds is a familiar looking women who is being apprehended by the security guards while the Dean is calling the Police. Raw, powerful magic hits him as he tries to get closer. Instantly he recognizes that she is like him. A sorceress, but untrained. He has rarely felt such powerful magic, so he offers her help. He will provide for her, if she agrees to let him train her.

As the story progresses, secrets are revealed. Someone is hunting Sage and she must face something she has been running from.... her destiny.

I have to say that this book is amazing!! At first I found Sage's attitude to be a little annoying but as you keep reading, your learn more about her character. I began to feel and develop emotional reactions to what happened to the H/H, which creates (for me) a great reading experience. The plot is great. I went in thinking it was going to be a magic only themed book. Boy was I wrong!! There are soo many things that are revealed that I never expected. When I finished, I just had to pick up the next book. I fell so in love with the characters, that I can't wait for the other characters to get their own book and see them find their match!!

Sage is outspoken, brash, but has a vulnerable side she protects. James is cocky, deadly, but caring when it comes to Sage. Together you get a lot of sarcastic humor and they are always butting heads. You can't help but want them to end up together!!! I do have to say that James is hot!! Some of the scenes leave you fanning yourself ;) . 
Destiny Divided is Book 1 in the Shadows of Destiny series. I Highly recommend this!! You won't be disappointed! :D

NOTE: This book is an Adult Paranormal Romance.

 PROMOTION: YOU CAN GET BOOKS 1&2 FOR ONLY $.99 ( each)!! B&N.com

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Birthright By Willow Cross ~Review~

1st Line in the Book---> “This was crazy.”

Well let just say to Mrs. Cross, Thank you for writing this great story!!! I understand how many times people will just make assumptions that its another 'Twilight' theme read when they read its about Vampires. HECK NO ITS NOT!!! From the moment you begin to read, it throws you into the story! You have no idea whats going on and all you can do hold on for the ride!!

Elizabeth Markum is thrust into this world when she is accidentally turned into something she never thought existed! A vampire! All she wanted to do was get to know the mysterious but handsome man she caught staring at her. Now she must be brought before the council and judged to see if she is trustworthy and able to adapt into her new life.

Her maker Michael is shocked when he realizes that he has become Liz's Maker. That was the last thing he wanted although he was attracted to her from the moment he saw her. Being the Council's best and only executioner, he has gained many enemies. So having a weakness is something he cannot afford. Especially when a rebellion sprouts against the Council. A war is coming.

I loved the use of different myths and themes embedded into the story. There are witches, vampires, druids, ghosts, demons and greek mythology, just to name a few! There are soo many twists and turns in this book. It keeps you guessing and on your toes. One moment you may think you have it all figured out, then out of nowhere …another element is added to the plot! There is action and mystery along with a little romance.

There were many characters that were introduced and played important parts. I only wished we could have seen more character depth in Liz and Micheal. I understand that the author wanted to explain what was going on, but at times I had to remind myself that the story's main characters were Liz and Michael and it all revolved around them. The different POV did a very well job moving the plot forward and getting to know the other characters, but it left we wondering at times.... are we getting a new main character for the rest of the story??? The story begins with Liz and Michael. I got soo interested in their characters, when suddenly the story pulls away from them and focuses on others. The good thing is towards the end, we get more of the H/H again!! Everything else in the book was great!!

This is the first book in the series! I loved the storyline and the plot. Liz is a great character she is smart, honest and wise but can kick some major A**!! Michael is loyal, protective and fierce but can be loving when it comes to Liz. I will definitely be waiting anxiously for the next book!! There is a long road ahead for Liz, Michael and the rest of the gang as they try to win the war between good vs evil!!

Find Here:


First Post for PNRP!!

Hello everyone!!!

We now have a blog site!! I felt that this would be another great way for authors to promote their books. Also this place is for all of you!! I will be updating PNRP Twitter and Facebook pages more often, but I want to also have a blog we can all share our love of PNR!!
Stay tuned for more to come! <3

P.S I'm a little new a this so just bear with me! LOL I will do my best to make this a great place for PNR lovers!!

~Samantha ~
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